The Merrywhile Books – Volume One Boxed Set

When you look into a giant megacorporation, the giant megacoporation also looks into you.

A young woman meets her grandfather – 10 years after he died. A hacker-for-hire ponders an offer from a mysterious client that seems too good to be true. A shop owner’s son is coerced by local gangsters into perpetrating a bizarre fine art scam. A robotics engineer attempts to solve a murder where the chief suspect is a paralysed, locked-in child. An author discovers his own name on a book that he has yet to write.

Set in the near-future, the Merrywhile Books are an ongoing series of sci-fi mysteries – novellas, short stories and full length novels – featuring malfunctioning robots, rogue AI, hackers and spies, virtual reality and mind downloading, and the hunt for the technological Singularity. The stories involve various characters and their dealings with Merrywhile Industries, a giant tech company with ambitions to take humanity to the next level – whether it wants to go there or not.

This collection includes the novel MUNKi, the novellas Pale Kings, Content Provider, and Mr Wolf, and the bonus short story General Ned.

Individual Books in this Series