10 years after he died, Cari’s grandfather is back.

Or at least, his memories are. Stolen and repackaged into a corporate video by tech giant Merrywhile Industries to promote their latest project – digital immortality.

When no one believes her, Cari’s search for proof drives her into a lawless virtual underworld of hackers-for-hire where anything is for sale – and payment isn’t always in cryptocurrency.

But global megacorporations don’t take well to scrutiny. As Cari looks into Merrywhile, Merrywhile also looks into her.

And as she realises there’s more to the grandfather she loved and thought she knew, his secrets make her a target for shadowy players in a game with stakes much higher than data theft.

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What readers are saying:

A romp through technologies current and imminent in a search for what humanity is going to become when it grows up… It would make a great movie.” – Big Al’s Books and Pals

MUNKi is as good as any popular sci-fi I’ve readBlake Crouch is the name that comes to mind… I could see this working very well as a film or TV series: the visuals are stunning” – Orchid’s Lantern, Independent Press and Book Review Blog

A brilliant book. I was gripped from the start … full of twists and turns, grounded by well drawn, authentic characters.” – Amazon UK reviewer

Saw it in the library, cover looked cool, so I thought it might be a good book. This judgement turned out to be correct … Packed with ideas and themes that are extremely relevant to Western modern-day life and our rapidly evolving relationship with technology … I’m in no doubt that this book deserves 5 stars. We need more books like this!’ – Goodreads Reviewer

Beautifully, eloquently written … particularly appealing for those who enjoy philosophy” – Amazon Australia reviewer

A fully immersive read … loved the settings, characters, complexity and speeding pace … and most unexpectedly, I was very moved by it.” – Amazon UK reviewer

A clever and at times unsettling cyberpunk story … some of the phrasing is quite sublime … an intelligent, believable plot and a quite compelling read.” – Goodreads Reviewer

Deeply Brilliant … full of love and humanity, greed and death, robots and monsters.” – Amazon UK reviewer

SF meets philosophy meets pop culture … Wonderful blend of up to the minute SF themes and philosophical ideas” – Amazon UK reviewer

Complex compelling plot … Very well done, with meaningful social commentary well hidden beneath the action.” – Amazon US reviewer

A great read with tons of thought-provoking asides on machine intelligence. There’s so much hype these days about whether new technology is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but this book asks more interesting questions.”

For those who love clever, twisty, character-driven sci-fi, MUNKi is a near-future mystery, complete with robots, virtual reality, rogue AI and people swearing in Welsh.

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