It is a time in which science has realised the impossible.

Its products now rival those of fairytale, myth and folklore: the undead and the never-dying, the no-longer-human and the never-should-have-been.

In a flooded city battling environmental and societal collapse, the arcology provides a high-tech haven – for those who can afford it. Here, sequestered from the world, Eva lives in pampered but closely surveilled confinement. And while each day she longs for escape, each day she is made to play The Game, a curious virtual environment that seems more designed to monitor and test than to entertain.

Outside the arcology, Squirrel is a memory thief, eking out a fraught existence in service to the criminal gangs that trade in illicit gene hacks, blackmarket tech and purloined secrets. But skills that Squirrel should not possess uncover a secret she doesn’t understand, attracting the attentions of those she’d rather avoid, and she is forced into a game of her own, where the stakes are nothing less than her own survival. And as she fights to outwit the shadowy forces vying for control of her embattled world, her only path out leads to the arcology itself, at the dark heart of which sit answers that will upend all their lives.


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