Book Reviews

As an author, I’m always reading, both for research and general interest. The book reviews here are therefore a mixture of non-fiction (philosophy, psychology, science and technology, history, politics) and fiction (literary, sci-fi, graphic novels, and basically anything with a speculative element).

“Little Eyes” by Samantha Schweblin

Perhaps the most plausible thing about Samantha Schweblin’s disquieting novel is the cavalier way in which people invite privacy-invading technology into their lives. The setting is not especially futuristic: kentuki are the new must-have gadget sweeping the world; you become…

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“Psychology of the Digital Age” by John R. Suler

I think few thoughtful people would disagree that the Internet and modern communications technology are reshaping society and human interaction in fundamental new ways. Given the radical nature of these changes – Professor John Suler argues – their psychological study deserves…

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“Square Eyes” by Anna Mill & Luke Jones

Square Eyes is a graphic novel by artist and designer Anna Mill, and Luke Jones, a lecturer at the Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design. It is published by Jonathan Cape, an imprint of Penguin Random House that specialises…

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