Top 5 Books on Contemporary Art

I’ve done another little book list/interview type thing over at on “The best books on understanding the crazy world of contemporary art”. It’s based on the research I did for my novella Pale Kings, which is a little satirical story that pushes the logic behind “conceptual” art to illustrate just how utterly weird the art world can be.

So if you’ve ever wondered how people make money from pickling sheep and leaving their beds unmade, then this is the place to go:

If you don’t know it, Shepherd is a great place to discover books. It works by inviting authors to create lists of books around a theme or idea (e.g. here’s one on art), so it’s a very organic way of finding quality reads (and far better and more human than the Amazon algorithm…).

Gareth Southwell is a philosopher, writer and illustrator from the UK. He is the author of the near-future sci-fi novel MUNKi, published by WoodPig Press, which concerns robots, the hunt for the Technological Singularity, and people swearing in Welsh.

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